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The wood exploited for the squares are reddish wood chess set plans and Noreg Maple the border is made. Plan is group A reissue from event xlviii of Today’s Woodworker devising Wooden Chess Sets This telecasting shows how I make a wooden chess board from your own custom chess control board or to obtain.
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A jar of bicoloured pieces, a stack of sticky labels and a colour printer, and you can reproduce (or invent) any variant chess game you like.
There were four obligatory moves to be made at the start: to advance the Rook's pawns and Queen's Pawn two squares each, then make a 'joy-leap' (Freudensprung) of the Queen forward two squares (not a move allowed on any other turn).

A large and rather crude 20th-century set based on the style of the Austrian coffee-houses in which the talents of Schlechter and Steinitz were honed.
Inspired by the various efforts made to explain Japanese Chess (Shogi) by marking the pieces, I had a go at making a chess set along similar lines. This is Glinski's Hexagonal Chess, which I think I first found out about in the 1970s through CHESS magazine. The ChessVariants site explains how you can make your own sets for this and other chess games. The great populariser of 4-way chess was Captain Verney, who insisted that the Queens should all start on light squares. Architect design advisor and competitive chess player Brent Blake built his electric Bromus secalinus primed using readily available components and materials he thought.

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