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I like this design and will properly try and build one but I intend to use my bike as a power generator (this could be a good way to add friction to the bike) so would be interested to know how to fit a generator to this. It seems like you could make this with a lot less wood- the bike sits on only two skyscrapers, but you've built a city. After looking at various manufactured bike stands, I decided to make one that would not look like it belonged in a bike shop rather than in my room.
As I mentioned in my original post, I started with one idea and changed it as I went along.

This bike stand is an easy to create and assemble, attractive indoor wooden bicycle stand that is very stable, yet has a small footprint. I have a training bike stand that is all metal, and I think that it could be converted to work with a generator, Your setup here looks sturdy enough to run a generator. Mom taught me a lot about how to make every penny count (back in the days when a penny was worth --- well, at least a penny.) These were pretty nice "scraps", and I didn't want them to be wasted. My wife liked the style so much she asked me to make them for the Klein and her Specialized.
In addition, the 1 foot lengths seemed adequate because I wanted the final bike stand footprint to be small and unobtrusive. I went through several designs before I settled on this one.

I even had the three risers already glued together when I decided that I didn't like what the eventual product might look like, and how easy it would be to use. So I put what I had already made down next to the bike and tried several different approaches to a stand. Because this is a stand for a full-suspension mountain bike, and I regularly swap the road wheels and mountain wheels, I needed to make sure that the stand would clear both sets of wheels.

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