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Though the worlds of Minecraft may seem to be randomly generated, this impression isn't strictly correct. Once the sun sets the interior of your shelter will become very dark, so you'll want to find coal to make some torches.
Once you're ready to see all the things that Minecraft as to offer, be sure to check out our guides to creating your own server and installing mods. Under Minecraft's colorful cubic facade is one of the most complex world-building games this side of Dwarf Fortress. Your Minecraft world has a number of biomes, from forests to deserts, so it's anyone's guess where you'll end up. You'll be switching to stone tools at the first opportunity, but you need a few wooden ones to build your first shelter, as it's essential to construct a safe overnight haven immediately, before darkness falls and all manner of nocturnal dangers emerge.

Don't lose track of your shelter though: I like to make a few pillars of dirt in a conspicuous place, in case I get turned around. Stone tools are more durable than wood, but you'll want iron for tools and armor as soon as possible. In a small series of articles, I'll discuss how to get started with the game, how to set up a server to get your friends in on the fun, and how to install mods to tweak and customize your Minecrafting experience. Your first stop should be a visit to the Minecraft website to purchase the game and create a user account. Survival is proper Minecraft, complete with combating nasty critters, foraging for food and supplies, and mining for materials. While you wait, I recommend heading over to the extensive Minecraft Wiki to read up on crafting recipes, and learn more about the various types of blocks in the world.

If you place two chests side by side, they'll morph into a large storage chest, giving you even more room for your stuff. The official Minecraft forums have an entire section dedicated to sharing Seeds, so browse there if you'd like a solid start.

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