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Although you may watch a lot of TV you may not want to make this the focal point of your room. Most modern televisions ar at least 32″ these days and this is quite an imposing size for a small room.
Corner TV cabinets do not have as much internal storage space as square or rectangle cabinets and TV stands. Corner TV armoire is the perfect cabinet to accommodate flat panel HDTV, sound bar, and electronic system.
All custom TV stands, credenzas, and wall systems are fully assembled using hand selected birch wood for a stunning appearance and the most attractive grain patterns. Custom entertainment centers and custom built home theater furniture systems employ our exclusive Perfect Depth™ construction to ensure the furniture is never too deep for your room yet perfectly fits your electronics. To provide a personal finishing touch and reflect the time and care put into each TV stand, TV cabinet, and entertainment center all systems come with a unique personalized nameplate.
To get an accurate quote based on your needs please fill out and return a custom cabinet worksheet or call a Diamond Case specialist at 800-616-5354. If you prefer a more full service delivery feel free to opt for our premium delivery service. Custom corner wall unit houses flat panel TV and is flanked on each side with a display cabinet and bookcase.
If you mount your fireplace or television set in the corner of a room, for instance, there is more room to move about in. Premium woods provide beautiful detail and an excellent foundation for our professional multi-step finishes.

These unique components provide true multi-channel surround sound in a slim and compact enclosure without the need for any speaker wire.
Extensive packaging is applied to the furniture prior to shipment for the highest level of protection.
To offer convenient one stop shopping we are authorized dealers for all major brands of electronics.
With this option the furniture is still hand inspected and packaged for delivery however, it is released to a full service moving company as opposed to a common carrier. If you do have limited space available then you are going to have to think very cautiously about how large your home amusement system is.
These devices can easy overheat in warm weather so it is important to make sure your corner cabinet has proper ventilation.
There, you will be able to quickly and easily install or make changes to your electronic set-up. Smoke glass panels are a great choice for electronics, while wood panels are most often used to conceal media drawers.
Whether you are looking for a television, receiver, speaker package, or simple component we will be happy to offer you our expertise in choosing the right product for your needs.
Indeed, corner storage units can also double up a banquette seats, freeing even more space.View in galleryThe intersection of two walls should be more than just a plain junction. Corner TV cabinets make the best use of space in small rooms and allow you to store your home amusement systems back out of the way. Corner cabinets fit back into tight spaces and can provide a way for you to display your television without intruding on the rest of the room.

For example you can save space by opting for new set top boxes from satellite and cable companies that combine television channel access and programme recoding in one machine. You do also need to check you have access to the back of the corner cabinet as well so that you can sort out the cables and wiring easily. Click here for a brief history of their accomplishments and successes over the last twenty plus years. Corner TV cabinets can be made in a wide range of dissimilar styles and materials including wood, glass and plastic and this means you can choose the right look for your decor.
If the back panels to your corner do non offer enough access or ventilation you could carefully cut some sections away yourself.
There is a good deal of display cabinetry to choose from that is specifically designed for a corner position.
Sometimes placing the TV above the mantel will do the job, but this is simply not possible in all rooms, especially if the fireplace is used.View in galleryView in galleryThe neatest solution is to mount you screen in a corner unit that can also house all of your audio equipment.
Corners that are the most problematic often have a pillar nearby, making them for regular furniture to fit in. Modern flues and ventilation mean that fireplaces can be situated in corners, with relative ease.
One of the best ways of enjoying your living room’s corner is to find a couch that fits in snugly.

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