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Conveniently located in Miami FL, for the locals, it's simple to just walk in, get your candy and supplies, then have fun building a candy buffet or as some may call it: "Candy Station" even a Candy Bar. In my Googling for the Abbott table, I came across a post where Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick had built a similar table with her Dad. I built the table down in my basement, just inside those French doors you see there under the porch.
After I got the end pieces jig-sawed out (that’s a technical term so be careful how you use it) and screwed in place, I evenly spaced out the rest of the 1 x 6 boards across the bottom and screwed them in place.

That perfectly describes how I felt when I saw this picture of the Abbott Potting Table online.
During the planning time, I had figured out that by some amazing miracle, if I used 2 x 4s instead of 1 x 4s for the framing, when I built the table and closed in the end, the width of a 1 x 6 board would end right at the edge of the 4 x 4 leg.
They weren’t screwed in at this point, I just used straight pins to pin them along the front to see how they would look.
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