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Be sure to take a look at how floor plans for a house work with the outdoor surroundings and how to look at home floor plan designs from a general layout perspective.So, on to the room by room walk-through. First of all find the main living spaces on the home design floor plan and check that they connect with other spaces (eg kitchen and dining) in a way that works for you. The living area is in the middle of the floor plan and I've put a big sofa in there that would seat 3 comfortably. Have a look where the laundry is on the home design floor plan – sometimes it’s next to the kitchen or the second entrance – sometimes it’s upstairs – sometimes it’s in the basement. A patio is labelled at the back of the house which is too small for a table and chairs or even just a deckchair on so let's assume it could be made bigger. Here's some more pages on floor plan analysis.The floor plan symbols page may also be helpful. There's a conflict with the entry and with circulation moving into the bedrooms and kitchen which all come off the main living room.

In the master suite, check that the bedroom, closet and master bath are in a sequence that works and that the location within the home means it will be a relaxing space to retreat to. See if it is in a sensible spot and imagine what the light will be like and what the noise levels in the surrounding spaces on the home design floor plan will be. On this plan the options are placing a desk in the living area, or using one of the bedrooms.
Anyone coming through the space would trip over anyone doing the laundry or any baskets on the floor. Even if it is bigger, it isn't well connected with the rest of the house because you have to pass through the laundry to get there.
The best place for it depends on the roads surrounding the lot and the amount of land on the lot around the home. There might be potential for adding some furniture to act as a closet on the left hand wall of the living area.

Make sure the table has a dedicated space, that doesn't conflict with circulation, and with enough clearance to come and go from the table.
There would be the option of replacing the baths with showers, or in the master bed perhaps giving up the walk-in closet and installing a lovely shower. The garage could be placed (either joined or stand alone) at the back of the master bathroom to provide access to the back entrance or next to the bedroom on the right. The second thing you don’t want is people falling over the person dealing with the laundry so make sure there’s space in front of the machines to work without disrupting circulation.

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