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In days past, most carpentry and trim or finish work was done with hand tools, and carpenter’s carried their tools to the site in a handmade wooden box.
My dad, a finish carpenter who specialized in trim work and cabinetry, had several boxes with a variety of tools—one box for his planes alone.
These days a great deal of carpentry and trim work is done with power tools, but a toolbox of selected hand tools is still invaluable.
A toolbox also makes a great organized place to safely store your tools in the shop, as well as tote them to the job.

The box shown is also fairly simple to build, but you could use hand-cut dovetail joints and other construction as a showcase for your work. The box is sized to hold a framing or carpenter’s square as well as a 2-foot level and a variety of tools.
Spaces between the saws and level holding strip can hold a number of other tools, including measuring tools, a stud finder and so forth. The divider fits flush with the front of the tool box, leaving an open space in the back to allow for a framing square to slide down into.

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