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As you can see in the diagram mentioned in the previous step, the bed is kind of the frame of the lathe. These pieces are basically feet, but act as brackets to secure the bed of the lathe to whatever larger surface you will attach it to.
Because I like to do things the hard way, I made a chuck from scratch instead of buying one from Amazon.
In conclusion, it is definitely possible to build a fairly accurate lathe from scrap materials, for not too much money.

I recently decided to make room for a new tool and I thought it best to be taken up by a lathe. This chuck looks like a really nice one, but I couldn't justify the $170 dollars when I thought I could do it for under $2.The basic idea of the chuck is to hold the work. I've been hit in the face with a piece of wood that shot off a circular saw, it missed my eye by a centimeter. I appreciate the amazing work you put into the 'ible and the great job you did building the lathe.

Basically a piece of wood can be secured in the center of the four jaws by uniformly tightening the four screw, kind of like a Christmas tree stand.The first picture shows the finished chuck.

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