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There are rubber mallets, seafood mallets, percussion mallets, and then there are the paint-can-sealing, furniture-making, wooden-stake-into-vampire-heart-driving handmade wooden mallets, as you see above. Still, once you own a tenon cutter, you own a tenon cutter (albeit in one-size), which might be justifiable if you make at least ten or so for Christmas gifts this year. In any new construction or renovation project, the selection of hardwood floor is a major decision.

Advancements in hardwood technology have created a wide variety of colors, patterns and finishes. Lots of persistance with an electric drill (can't imagine I'd have had enough strength or time to do this with a hand drill) but finally made the holes large enough in two heavy wooden hammer heads for two pioneering mallets to drive 30" hardwood stakes to anchor bridges, towers and very tall flag poles.
Design Resource assists clients in making the right selection to fit their needs both functionally and aesthetically.

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