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If you can’t walk inside of your garage without hitting something or kicking trash, it might be the right time for you to organize your garage and create some space for storage. An average garage can feel cluttered and messy, but with these five tips, organizing your garage and maximizing space should be a fairly easy task to complete, and it should make for a great and new way to appreciate you garage space. If you can’t walk inside of your garage without hitting something or kicking trash, it might be the right time…. Below are five tips that not only help to aid with a thorough garage cleansing, but also provide ways to maximize space when deciding to use your garage for storage. After you have cleaned out the trash and dirt from your garage, now comes the time to focus on organizing your garage for maximum efficiency and space. Adding shelving and wall mounts or wall hooks is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to organize your garage without giving up space.

Marking your cars may seem trivial, but lining your car up in the same spot everyday will be important to providing you space within your garage, to walk, work or relax. Decide where to position things like “work tools” for easy access, while avoiding spots that would leave your car or cars exposed to damage should those tools fall out place by accident. By using the walls within your garage you can store items like bikes and helmets, while using shelving and pegboards to store heavy tools and other items that do not need to be hidden and stored away. Get rid of items like boxes that can’t be used, and focus on organizing and finding an exact spot for things like recyclables and tools. Avoid placing things in tough to use spots, for instance avoid positioning power tools next your garden hose to avoid water damage and electrical issues. Ensure that you park your cars in spots that don’t seal off access to certain parts of your garage.

The other will be used in the garage and used for projects only – no storage nothing but the current working project. Make sure you talk to the tool expert- the Kreg screws are usually with the Kreg tools, and they would know.

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