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If you need a small space where to store you flower during cold days or you just want to grow fresh vegetables for your family, you should consider building a lean to greenhouse. Next, you need to build the opposite wall of the greenhouse, in the same manner described above. Building a door for the greenhouse is a straight forward process, if the right plans and tools are used.
If you want to ventilate the greenhouse properly, you should build several vents between the rafters.
If you want to grow your own organic vegetables, you should take a look on these backyard greenhouse designs. On the other hand, we recommend you to invest in the best quality materials you could afford, especially if you plan to use the greenhouse for many years in a row.
If you need a larger construction, we strongly recommend you to take into consideration building an A-frame greenhouse.
If the previous backyard greenhouse design is a little to complex for your carpentry skills, then this project should suit your needs, as it can be done by any person that has a basic background in woodworking.
Last but not least, you should take into account the greenhouse design shown in the above image. On one hand, you could attach the greenhouse the an existing building or you could place it on one corner of your property. In addition, you need to cut the top of the studs at 20.5? or at the angle you want he greenhouse to have.
Build the frame of the door using 1×4 lumber and lock them together with pocket screws.
Build the frame of the vents from 2×2 lumber, as in the image, and lock them to the roof with metal hinges.

Therefore, we recommend you to check if the components are locked into place properly and if the walls are perfectly plumb.
If you have enjoyed the free project, we recommend you to share it with your friends, by using the social media widgets. Building a small greenhouse doesn’t require a high investment nor complex skills, but you still need to do a proper planning.
Therefore, you could build the frame from pressure-treated lumber or you could get the job done using aluminum components.
As you can see in the image,  this greenhouse design combines the convenience of the shape with a beautiful design.
A lean to greenhouse is ideal for narrow backyards or in case you want to attach the construction  to an existing construction.
Drill pilot holes trough the bottom and top plates and insert 3″ screws into the studs.
In addition, place the top plate to the frame with great care and align it at both ends, if you want to get the job done as a professional. Framing the door should be done as in the plans, as to provide a good support to the constructions. Therefore, we recommend you to select several plans and to choose the one that fits within your budget and matches the style of your garden. A cold frame will create a proper climate for plants that need sunlight and don’t grow too tall. You should adjust the height, the width and the length of the greenhouse to your needs and budget. In addition, build shelves on both sides of the greenhouse, if you want to increase the storage space.

Use 2×4 lumber and make sure you create vents in the roof of the greenhouse, otherwise the inside temperature might be too high for the plants, especially during the sunny days. In addition, build several vents between the rafters, in order to ventilate the plants properly. Place the studs every 24″ OC, in order to support the weight of the structure properly. We recommend you to use a miter saw when building the components, as there are many angle cuts that should be made. Yes, plants and especially vegetables are sensitive to harsh atmospheric conditions, but that’s no impediment for you to commit to growing your own food and taking care of your own garden. When the temperature inside the greenhouse exceeds a certain level, the brace will open the vent to let the cold air to get in. Moreover, a DIY greenhouse can be the perfect solution, both in terms of costs and complexity. We found a nice collection of plans as well as tutorials on how to make your very own DIY greenhouse. Just follow the steps of your preferred design (there are plenty of designs, for any personality and setting) and you will be taking care after your plants in mid-November without any worries.

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