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Polyurethane finishes should dry hard in a matter of hours and not bleed oil as yours is doing. As far as solving your problem goes, if the finish has stopped bleeding oil and feels like it has dried hard, you might be able to even out the gloss by wiping the cabinets down with a rag dampened with mineral spirits (assuming it was oil-based polyurethane) followed by a dry cloth. If the gloss is still uneven, try sanding it lightly with 220 grit sandpaper and applying another coat of finish. I recently applied water based polyurethane on a new wood floor and am starting to get white hazy spots. I’m refinishing my kitchen cabinets with Minwax Ebony Stain and their Helmsman Satin Polyurethane. I built new mahogany cabinets, stained them with oil based stain(red mahogany by minwax),sealed with a clear laquer sealer and then put two coats for oil based poly on.
We applied about 6 coats of polyurethane and started to sand the top coat, and a white film appeared where we had sanded and will not wipe off. Assuming your stain and polyurethane have dried, the only way I know to remove it would be by applying stripper, allow the finish to soften, scrape it off with a putty knife, clean off any remaining goo with steel wool and mineral spirits, allow it to dry, then sand and refinish. I have been finishing my wood floors and on the last coat of PU it has streaked with cloudy spots. Sounds like moisture might have become trapped in the finish due to high humidity, or the polyurethane itself was defective. Hello, I have found your site on Polyurethane Finishing Problems, I have Redone my Kitchen Cubords and I used minwax Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner. Applied Cabothane water borne semi gloss polyurethane to pine floors upstairs and result was good. I have new walk in closet cabinets do I need to poly after staining or can I leave them or parts of them alone. Similar to Debbie from June of 2010, our stain on oak doors looked perfect and they dried for a week before we started to finish them with Minwax quick-drying polyurethane. I installed a T&G pine ceiling and used Cabot satin finish on the boards before I installed. In both it looks like the finish had oil spots where poly did not stick in circles many of them. My exterior solid hardwood entry door with polyurethane finish has oxidized through the last 10 years. We put pine v-groove panels on part of our ceiling last year, and are now trying to finish this project.

Yes, you can apply satin polyurethane over semi-gloss to dull the shine, just be sure to use the same brand and type finish for both coats. We did 3 coats of polyurethane and sanded between each one on a new wooden table but the last coat left a dull finish. Not always, but a lot of these finishing issues that I read about have to do with the characteristics of woods and grains and are sometimes beyond the scope of any expert to correct except to remove the finish, sand, but not as fine, and reapply until it begins to even out. Humidity, temperature changes, species of wood and coarseness of the grain… even the manner in which it was kiln-dried can have a devastating effect on your attempts to get the finish just right.
Even slight temp changes spread and tightened the grain so radically that it would squeeze the oil-based stain up through the polyurethane semi-gloss finish, or even bubble poly layers away from the wood surface. Generations ContractingMy personal preference is a satin finish or a semi gloss at the most.
DIY Butcher block countertop from salvaged 2 x 4s, with polyurethane sealer (no color), and Waterlox (a food-grade sealer), multiple coats. Chalk Paint (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint) painted on kitchen cabinets can bring a whole new, beautiful, french look to kitchen cabinets, old or new.
The Thrifty Home: Kitchen Remodel - Painting Cabinets using Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer, flat paint, and MinWax water based oil-modified polyurethane clear semi-gloss topcoat for durability.
Rather than using standard cabinetry, consider creating a sink vanity out of an antique dresser. Beadboard wallpaper was added to the fronts of the cabinet doors and then painted with Valspar Signature paint and primer. Floor cabinet doors and drawers in semi-gloss polyurethane in Dulux Lexicon Quarter; wall cabinet doors, panels and open shelves in Laminex Espresso Ligna. Redo a Cabinet:Redo a Cabinet Spray paint always makes for a smooth finish on large pieces of furniture, such as this cabinet. Stock Products: Handsome Cornice Bridge the gap between cabinets and ceiling with large, one-piece polyurethane crown molding you can install yourself using construction adhesive. Creamy white-painted walls and whitewashed plywood floors (topped with three coats of polyurethane) make the small space feel more expansive.
Add pigment incrementally to a pre-stirred can of clear polyurethane varnish to make your own glaze. Kitchen cabinets are exposed to heat and humidity on a daily basis, which can cause warping or mold and mildew buildup. Now a week later, I find oil on the surface of the cabinets, and when I try to clean it, it leaves dull spots.

Use a fresh can of the same finish from a different store in case the batch in question was bad.
After I put one coat of Minwax fast-drying polyurethane on it from a new can and brush, I noticed white spots on the surface. I made and a candle holder and I’m just curious of what I should put on it to get that glass like finish.
After painting the finish on today noticed that parts of the urethane dried flat while the rest had a nice low sheen to it. After a few months I wanted to clean off kitchen grime with soap and water, but after they were cleaned the finish got very sticky – I reapplied the finish and it was fine for awhile, but everywhere they were washed it left a sticky surface. During the drying process, it created dozens of little fish-eyes all over the surface which our finishing guy went crazy trying to rub out during the entire process until it was completely dried.
High gloss on cabinets, especially oak will telegraph the grain and any imperfections and will have glare spots from lighting.
The collection presented on this site, has already been inspirational for many customers and this shouldn’t come as a surprise – it depicts various cabinets in different sizes, shapes and designs.
If you continue to have problems, the only alternative might be to strip the cabinets and start all over again. I would save the high gloss for high end furniture pieces.I prefer to spray my finishes, but I have been spraying lacquers, etc.
Once dry, sand the piece and try finishing it again (use a new can of finish and new brush in case silicone residue has gotten on the old brush or in the old can of finish). Other options are to fight fire with fire by adding fisheye eliminator to your finish (available at auto supply stores). It is usually used with lacquer, so check to be sure it’s compatible with your finish. Option #3 is to apply several thin coats of shellac to the surface before finishing to try and seal in the silicone. If you are spraying your finish, you can try applying several light mist coats of finish to try and achieve the same effect. Finally, you can use an oil finish rather than a built up finish, wiping off any excess after it has soaked in for a few minutes.

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