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In Fine Woodworking issue 242, furniture maker Tim Celeski outlined the way in which the Festool Domino joining system changed the way he makes furniture. But it seems to me that it is the US construction and woodworking people are the ones clinging on to the British Imperial system. Technically this is true and it's always a good practice to do this but there's many situations in woodworking where centering a mortise is necessary–especially when it comes to stretchers which tend to be thinner parts.

Measuring the wood with a metric caliper and then setting the fence as close as possible to half that dimension I still end up a little off - that's fine if none of the pieces gets flipped during assembly. I found that the information in this article may be fine for the 700 XL but the 500 has an offset of 10mm, not 15mm. A small company-Seneca Woodworking-makes add-ons and special parts to help with using both the Domino 500 and 700.

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