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We needed to design this bed in Sketchup because our client was looking to combine a bed with a footboard and headboard design they had seen in a picture, with one that had cannonball posts.  The model allows everyone to easily understand how the combined attributes will be integrate together to form the final product. Here is a chair that we designed to be included in our own furniture line.  I have added it here to show some of the different material details that can be added to any model designed in Sketchup. Here is a hall table we designed to be included in the same furniture line.  By designing this piece in Sketchup, we were able to play with the width and length of all the curves, ensuring that they were all proportional and harmonious in their relationship to one another.

Whatever your skill level, novice to advanced, you'll get up to speed fast with Fine Woodworking's Google SketchUp Guide for Woodworkers. So once the Sketchup image is completed, we already have our parts list made and we have “virtually” encountered all of our construction dilemmas, saving time as we actually build.

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