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A single featherboard is practically a necessity when routing a profile like a bull-nose, where you can’t correct the damage with another pass if the board lifts from the table. Woodcraft has added a brand-new safety accessory for the table saw, made by the Canadian-based JessEm® Tool Company, to its line of products. Clear-Cut TS Stock Guides operate on the same principle as a stock feeder in that the stock is guided with urethane tires on rollers with one-way needle bearings at a 5° angle toward the fence as it is fed forward and a roller arm that works under spring pressure keeps the stock firmly in place and moving smoothly throughout the cut.  Stock is pushed tightly against the fence, and the gripping force of the rollers assists in preventing kickback.

Woodcraft product development manager Peter Collins said, “Safety is every table saw user’s concern, and the new Clear-Cut TS Stock Guides for the table saw from JessEm® enable woodworkers, carpenters and DIY’ers to avoid kickback and move stock safely and effortlessly by using its one-way needle roller bearing for a precise table saw cut every time. In addition, JessEm® also makes the ultimate Clear-Cut™ Precision Stock Guides for Router Tables. Stock is pulled tightly to the fence, and the gripping force of the rollers holds it securely in position.

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