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Once a shop begins to fill up with basic tools and supplies, most woodworkers branch out by purchasing more specialized items. Wood, screws, and glue can create basic furniture, but advanced projects like cabinets or dining room tables require additional supplies not readily available in most woodworking shops. Woodworking is difficult without a large, level, and steady surface upon which to assemble the project.
These specialty woodworking tools open up countless possibilities for furniture, cabinets, and other projects that aren't possible with saws and drills alone. While these tools and supplies typically see less action than circular saws or cordless drills, many advanced projects prove impossible without them.

While those tools are sufficient for most tasks, many woodworking projects require specialized tools. Unlike many other woodworking techniques that now primarily use power tools, most woodworkers still carve by hand. Unlike basic tools, carving kits and caning supplies fulfill very specific functions, but other tools like clamps and tape measures are used for almost every woodworking project.
Most of these items are only useful for very specific projects, and any extra supplies not needed for a specific project often sit around for years collecting dust. Additionally, some tools are not strictly necessary, but they can make woodworking more efficient and accurate.

Power tools, clamps, tape measures, and carving supplies can be found in the Tools category<. Vises prove useful in woodworking to hold a board steady to make small cuts or to drill very precise holes.

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