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One of the most enduring myths of home wood shops is the notion that PVC ductwork on your dust collector can lead to an explosion. Now that we understand what's required for an explosion, let's see if we have those conditions in the typical home wood shop.
Let's assume the almost-impossible and say that we somehow get a dust cloud inside the ducts that's the correct composition and density.
There are three realistic dangers in home dust collection, none of which has anything to do with PVC. A much more likely danger (and something has has actually been documented) is ignition in the collection bin.
The idea is that you have dust suspended in the ductwork, there's a static spark that ignites the dust, and BOOM!

Researchers in the field have to work very hard to get dust clouds to ignite under very controlled lab conditions, using specially build sparking devices that don't use static electricity at all.
Most (probably all) inexpensive dust collectors using filter bags still allow a tremendous amount of extremely fine dust to blow right through the filters and back into your lungs. In fact, static discharge may often get the blame for a dust explosion just because the investigators can't find any other reason. A dust cloud takes a relatively small amount of material and vastly increases its surface area, suspending it within an oxidizer (oxygen), allowing it to all burn at once. The charge on the inside wall and in the dust cloud (also an insulator) will be totally unaffected. Remember, we're now talking about a dust cloud that's constantly being sucked away by the dust collector at high velocity.

To have any chance of hitting the cloud with a spark, we have to have a way of continuously replenishing the dust. And for dust clouds, the zone between too much and too little is extremely narrow, only a few thousandths of a pound per cubic foot.

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