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I have access to a large number (I mean LARGE) of discarded books on account of my neighbor who runs a bookstore. This very clever upcycled book project was made by hollowing out the center of a book to create a lively garden scene. Learn how to DIY these awesome upcycled wire forms using old books, toothpicks, resin glass, and some glitter.
While this DIY project has been attempted several times around, this tutorial in particular far exceeds expectations. I will admit that this style bookshelf doesn’t hold as much as a typical bookshelf, but I love how the kids can see (and choose) the books straight on.  They add so much color into the space! I love learning new things to do with pallets and anything to help keep books organized is a plus for me. Pages from mangled books and newspapers are transformed into lovely items, thanks to the hands of some very clever crafters. I love the idea of embroidering book pages- just frame them instead of sticking them on a tote bag or whatever you generally do with your embroidery. If you crave their tattered, loved, barely-bound spine to their fragmented pages that smell of decaying cedar, we know this project is for you. Old books are magical, not to mention they look absolutely fantastic in a rustic home decor scenario.

The writer of this blog describes her love for old books just as we had at the beginning of this round-up.
These pallet bookshelves are a great addition to my sons room and like you said, they really can hold quite a lot of books! I have friends that do little if any craft projects the rest of the year, but come Christmas they really get their craft on. If your books aren’t being put to good use anymore, you might want to think twice about just chucking them.
Make sure to use your favorite old book for the background text (as it’s surely going to stir conversation). Our DIY senses are experiencing an overload of awesome!  The turnout is more  perfect that watching Breakfast At Tiffany’s on a Sunday morning…followed closely by brunch in Central Park!
To hang the pallet bookshelves, I used Self-Drilling Drywall Anchors which are great to use when you can’t find a stud (never my strong suit). If you need a lot of shelving units, then it might be worthwhile to cut the cost in half by using 2x4s from oversized pallets (you’ll have to search around a bit to find them), and bolts or strong screws from yard sales or auctions. But these are a great opportunity for the crafty among us to upcycle books that the library is pulling from circulation, old books that are so tattered as to be practically unreadable, and books that your friends and family were just going to throw away anyway.

You can make this with abandoned old hardcovers from the thrift store, half yard of whatever fabric you have around, and a pair of handles from the craft store. Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter to get all the latest updates on craft projects in the making! I like that the kids can see the books, the fact that they don’t hold *too* many options is a plus to me. Bolts would be much easier to work with since it’s quite difficult to screw into old, dry pallet wood. Turn your sad old pile of dust-collectors into creative DIY projects that are fun for everyone. As much as we’d like to think that books are just for reading, we would be sorely mistaken.

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