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In the winter the unit collapses down into a storage unit where you can keep garden tools, children’s toys, etc.
The “334” bench is made of 3 parallel bars of metal and 334 newspapers folded and stacked next to each other. This is a bench without a back or front, that let’s everyone sit and enjoy from every internal mood and external angle. The Splinter bench consists of two sculptural side chairs, each with a smooth and a jagged side—as if they have been broken apart, or “splintered” from each other.

You may have thoughts tennis balls were just for tennis - but creative Dutch designer Tejo Remy has found a another use for the bright yellow bouncy felt-and-rubber balls. While the rolling bench is accredited to Korean designers, this MUST have initially been discussed by an Englishman, or at least they’re selling like crazy in the UK.
Ah but the problem with the roll bench even if it was in the UK it doesn’t stop raining for long enough to actually sit down in the first place. The challenge of that series is to recycle a product, but also to design a furniture without using any screw, glue, soldering, etc.

It’s a non- fuss design with maximum practical benefit and desirable, minimalist aesthetic. When joined at their serrated ends, they fit together like puzzle pieces to form a sleek contemporary-looking bench.

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