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DEFY Wood Cleaner is a safe, oxygenated bleach wood deck cleaning solution that effectively removes dirt, grime, mold, algae, and weathered graying from wood surfaces. Using a chlorine bleach not only harms the wood as well as the vegetation surrounding the deck, but it doesn’t actually clean or remove any stains. Even new wood needs to be cleaned in order┬áto remove mill scale to make┬áthe surface more porous to easily absorb deck stains.
After researching products, I chose Defy to seal an 8 month old white pine dock behind my home.
Unlike most chlorine bleach based cleaners, this environmentally friendly product is biodegradable and will not harm wood fibers, pets, grass or most plants.

DEFY Wood Cleaner is part of a three step system to maintain your deck and keep it looking like new.
I purchased the home 2 yes ago and have been researching deck stain reviews for over a year. DEFY Wood Cleaner is a safe, powdered, oxygen bleach concentrate that is mixed with water to safely clean and restore the natural beauty of exterior wood.When you use DEFY Wood Cleaner, you can actually see it work as it foams up and penetrates down to the pores to give your deck a thorough cleaning that a chlorine bleach deck cleaner could never hope to accomplish.
After careful consideration I’m a little ashamed to say I actually decided on a TWP stain. After extensive research, I ordered the Defy Wood Cleaner, Defy Wood Brightener, and Defy Extreme Stain in Natural Pine.

After a mixup on the dealers part with my order which was never delivered, and a chat with a rude business owner, I decided to switch to my 2nd choice, Defy.
I did the cleaning and brightening myself and then had my son and wife help with the staining.

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