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I'd like to add more components to the closet system, but starting with this is perfect.  We have this system in our master bedroom closet (ha ha master right, it's four feet wide and behind the main door) and it holds so many things!  And I'm quite fond of the open design - makes for staking the Rams pants quite easy!  I use baskets for socks and underwear. I already have a ton of your plans on my to-do list but I'm excited that you're doing a closet organizer. I’ve been thinking about making something like this for awhile now, I wanted to use plastic dish tubs to hold socks and things and make something like this, same amount of shelves tall, but also 4 wide, maybe I can go off this to get started!

I had a closet with double door like that and I hated it, so I found some coordinating fabric and a large closet rod and mad a curtain instead.
Probably the hardest part for me is figuring out the right location in the closet to put things, and to work around the baseboards that are in our closets. Put them too close to the center, and your shelves overlap the center of the closet doors thus making it hard to access as well.

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