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The wood is well-mannered when it comes to machining and working it with hand tools, making it a pleasure to use in woodworking projects. However the answer isn’t exactly a simple one because you can apply dozens of techniques to walnut and the wood will .
I thought you might like to see the results, but I can't figure out how to attach photos to the new knots discussion format. No doubt about it, with a table saw and a router, a modern day woodworker is anĀ unstoppable force.

From what I have read so far, it was not clear to me whether I should apply a dewaxed shellac sealcoat between the dye stain and the mahogany stain.
As I mentioned, this is for a coffee table with cabriole legs with hand carved ball and claw feet.
Indeed, it’s what separates woodworkersĀ from, well, their neighbors-who-need-a-favor.
After that, I will use sealcoat, wood filler, sealcoat, gel stain, sealcoat, and polyurathane finishes.

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