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Traditional way of spending leisure time in Ukraine and other world countries is playing chess & backgammon.
This chess set is hand carved in the Polish Carpathian Mountains by largest european manufacturer.
This beautiful wooden chess set is made in the mountain region of Southern Poland and carved by hand.
We offer you to play these games on beautiful wooden boards with rich ornamented finishing.

The hand crafted board doubles up as a box containing the pieces with the design carved into the wood. Vyshyvanka Ukrainian Gifts proudly offer a large variety of high quality wooden chess sets in many sizes and styles. Such chess & backgammon sets are gifts for years, and here you can buy the best ones made by Ukrainian and Poland masters.
This Backgammon set has been carved in Precarpathian mountains (Western part of Ukraine) and is in absolutely new condition.

Order chess & backgammon sets from the leading Easter Europe manufacturers from our gifts catalogue.

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