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Expert tips & advice on concrete stain, garage floor paint, epoxy flooring, concrete paint, and other forms of decorative concrete. Lowe's home improvement expert, Mike Kraft, shows viewers how staining and sealing a deck can extend the life of your wood deck. Kevin comes to you from the Kevin Clanton Painting Spray Booth in Omaha, NE to discuss how you can transform your kitchen by refinishing your kitchen cabinets. Black painted cabinet doorRefinishing Light Colored CabinetsOne option Kevin recommends for light colored kitchen cabinets like golden oak is to use a shading technique. Recently, we had the opportunity to complete a painting & cabinet refinishing project for Tom and Michelle Cheatle in Elkhorn, NE.
When you are looking for the right painting tape you will find there are several sizes to choose from.
Join Kevin Clanton at the Kevin Clanton Painting Spray Booth in Omaha, NE to learn a few tips on how to prep your interior walls for painting. Once you have your holes & gouges fixed, it's usually best to prime the spots you repaired before painting.

These three simple steps are all that's needed to prepare your interior walls for painting.
Shading is a process that uses a colored clear coat or seal coat over the top of the existing finish. Make straight lines along your trim and run your finger gently along the paint edge to get a good bond so the paint doesn't seep under the tape. Anything more course than than will be too aggressive and will cut into your walls in a way that may show when the paint job is complete. In the case of golden oak cabinets, shading can take out the yellow hues and emphasize the brown tones in the wood as seen in the picture to the right.To create a cherry wood appearance for your cabinets, Kevin suggests that you treat your kitchen cabinets with a dye stain and shading combination. Flashing is when the surface area under the paint shows through in a way that is discolored or otherwise noticable through your paint job. Dye stains give a transparent color that will allow the wood’s characteristics to show through, and penetrates more deeply than a pigment stain. You can prime the areas you spackled using an interior primer or some regular flat paint will work to seal up the spots you repaired.

Utilizing a contrasting glaze over the top of the painted surface gives a custom appearance that really makes the cabinets stand out.
Sanding and priming prior to these treatments will help ensure that your new color will cover adequately. They might also require multiple applications in order to give uniform coverage of the dark wood. You can use a variety of color and shading combinations to get just the right finish for your kitchen.

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