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Lancaster County WoodCarversThere will be competition, displays, sales, and demonstrations of Wood Carvings and Wildlife Art! Conductor Sculpture Unveiling On Tuesday April 3Using mostly wood that mills don’t want, chainsaw carvers like the character of knots and odd branches. Cypress Log – The Complete Forest, Trees And Forestry Home PageThe wood of the tupelo is commercially important and used for paneling, pallets, fruit crates and paper.
MICHIGAN WOOD CARVERS ASSOCIATION JULY 2008 VOLUME 13 ISSUE 4 …Michigan Wood Carvers Association president Andy Luckhardt presented the Fairgrounds with an American Flag for the new building. Kentucky Artisan Center At BereaSome carvers use Cedar for the beauty in its color and the wonderful natural odor that emanates from the wood. A Publication Of The Kansas City Wood Carvers Club, Inc …Michigan show in June and the Artistry in Wood Show in Dayton Ohio in November. Siam Art And Decor (970) 708-1464 Www.siamartanddecorMaterial Wood Submaterial Teak Product Type 1 Wall Decoration Product Type 2 Carving Description Antique decorated Burmese window with attached frame. There is a variety of tools used in chainsaw carvings that most chainsaw carvers use to create these amazing wood sculptures.
This year competition was held on July 30 to Aug 2, at the turnagain Gallery in Bird creek, Alaska in eight carvers from around world came again to compete for the cup.
Video by LeaderTelegram Carvers from around the world and including six states came to competed in U.S. Last year in August of 2014, Bird Creek, Alaska at Turnagain Gallery the 1st annual  Alaska Cup chainsaw carving competition was held.

Black Hearts Chainsaw Art is a family owned business that consists of a husband and wife team. Once  back to Missouri and Gered got his hands on his first chainsaw, he hasn’t been able to put it down since.
Jeff Mohr has worked for a tree service straight out of high school and then he discovered chainsaw art and started carving in 1990 . A chain saw carving of a bear was also presented from the chainsaw carving workshop leader. 31 South Page 3 Corner Of US 31 317-888-9500 …Com, also ships carousel cutouts to carvers. Carvers from as far away as Japan and Germany spent 4 days competing, turning a blank log into some of most amazing sculptures. Open Chainsaw Sculpting Championship in Eau Clair, Wis at the Paul Bunyan Logging Camp during week of Aug 6 -9.
At the age of 10 James got his first knife and started whittling on anything he got his hands on like apples, bars of soap, then onto wood.
Carving has become more than just digging to find the secret treasure hidden deep within the wood.
8 September 2008The Maine Wood Carvers Association would be pleased to assist with a feature story about Maine’s wood carvers.
All carvers are required to obey the Safety Rules and wear designated safety equipment while operating a chainsaw during the competitions.

He helped to set up a timber recycling workshop ten years ago where they trained ex cons and young adults the basic joinery skills as well as carving and woodturning.
Unfortunately for him, they were stationed in the desert, surrounded by sand, with no trees, and no reason to own a chainsaw.
Struggling with grades in school and growing up poor he realized college was not an option so after school was over with he honed his skill with a saw and knowledge of wood species he received from working for a tree service .
It seemed that some of the best carvers in the world we’re as interested in his work as he was in theirs. Each carver has four days to take a large raw Sitka spruce log and turn into some of most amazing sculptures done with chainsaw. One day his boss called him into the office and showed him a video of chainsaw carvers in the USA and Canada, He was blown away and couldn’t believe what these guys could do. Eight large logs are harvested from the Kenai Peninsula and brought to Turnagain Gallery were each carver draws a number to determine which log they will carve. Carvers like alaskan local Jordan Anderson, Bob King from Washington to Hikaru Kodama from Japan. This year competition will be help from July 30-August 2 and featuring Jeff Mohr as one of eight carvers as well as local artist Jordan Anderson.

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