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From the National Gallery, we walked into Trafalgar Square and joined thousands of other who sat basking in the 70 degree sunshine of a beautiful summer day. We checked in with the ship’s shore personnel and were assigned Cabin #306 on the Baja Deck. We didn’t feel like late night entertainment so we made our way back to our cabin to read for a time and then retire. After dinner, we retired to our cabin to read and enjoy the waning light of this Northern climb. The ship was pulling away from the dock as we sat on our cabin balcony and watched Scotland drift behind us. We had a last drink in the Sky Lounge on deck # 18 before returning to the cabin to read and retire. You can only absorb viewing so many artifacts, however attractive or significant, before they become just another glass cabinet that you walk by.
The seas were rough in the Bay of Biscay as the great ship set sail for Edinburgh on the northeast coast of the U.K.
It was too crowded for us, so we made our way back to the cabin and picked a book to read for the afternoon. As we walked down the slippery cobbles stoned paths, throngs of other tourist were making their way in.
Back in the cabin, I opened up the GlenFiddich and drank a hearty toast to an estimable land of people from whom some of my own had sprung. Emily directed the bus a few miles down the picturesque coast road to the small seaside town of Port Rush.
We climbed the gangway, made it through the electronic security and stopped by our cabin to write up my notes and enjoy a martini. The lands around the inlet are shades of green and tan, reflecting crops we later learned of barley and wheat, supplies for the whiskey making production prominent in the area. Walking up the ramps to the castle area, we viewed a detachment of the storybook British soldiers in their colorful red coats and black balaclava fur hats. The great ship was making her way up the Firth of Clyde on her way to Greenock, the ocean port for Glasgow. We repaired to our cabin where I sampled another dram of Bushmlls, just to make sure I had the taste down. Cabin stewards made the rounds asking if anyone needed help and cleaning up any mess created by the sudden shift. On a previous visit, we had stopped at Honfleur on the coast just across the seine from L’Havre. They heralded from Scandinavia originally and had laid down this historic site on the French Coast.

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