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Building Roof Trusses There are two basic types of roof construction (structurally speaking), rafters and trusses. While most builders order their trusses pre-fabricated from a truss manufacturer, through their building center, you can make your own. To assemble your truss, lay out all the pieces, and make sure they are butted together solidly. Once one side of the truss is totally connected together, it can be flipped over, and the plywood connectors attached on the other side. The building code is very specific about the dimensions of lumber required for roof construction, depending upon the snow load in your geographic area.
If possible, cut your plywood joiners from scrap material, left over from subflooring and sheathing.

The architect who did the drawings for your home probably included a truss plan as part of the roofing plan, showing how many of what truss design are required. You might end up using either 2 x 4s or 2 x 6s for these parts of your trusses, depending upon the span, roof pitch and span that you need.
With your pattern laid out, you can measure the exact length you need each piece to be, and the angle of the cut at both ends.
As roof pitch and spacing also affects the strength of your rafters, we are unable to provide actual tables or dimensions on this site.
This may require that you have several individual truss designs, but it will save you lots of headaches later on.
This is a great way of using up your scrap, while saving money on not having to buy as much material.

You want your truss stringers to butt up against each other well, to insure that the weight is properly transferred from one piece to another. As much as possible, make your pieces universal, so that you can use them in a number of locations.
In this case, to avoid mixing up the trusses, number each one, starting from one end of the house. You can either mark your pattern directly on the cement or place pieces of OSB, butted together on the floor, to draw your pattern on.

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