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I've been further realizing how crowded my house is recently while cleaning and have decided I need to at the very least build a bed loft to make space in my room.
I'll just gonna have to look at plans for other loft designs and accommodate to my mattress size. Unless you are willing to spend a lot of money those "handy" bed solutions all feature crappy mattresses that eventually destroy your back. The bed that falls down is cool but I don't even have enough room for that my table, couch and bed are seperated by cenimeters and raising my bed would only make watching t.v.
This house is old as hell and has asbestos siding on the outside, so I don't want to start cutting into the walls if it's probably got something toxic.

This room is really small and I have tons of stuff, so I need to build a loft for this place pronto. It'll be easier to just have a lofted bed with a desktop area beneath to make room for other things in my room.
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I needed to build the bed over the door so there was not a whole lot of room left.Basically when I lay in bed with my elbow on the mattress I could easily touch the ceiling. The ladder was really solid as I used the same beams.You do need good walls for this method.

I'd like to build a loft big enough to have my computer space under it, but if there isn't enough height for that, then it could just hold a whole bunch of my extra stuff.Also I don't mind using pine wood, but there is tons of free elm wood sitting around still after the last large storm.

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