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Antique solid finish is a solid color (opaque color) finish with the antique looked (old looked). To make the antique solid finishing, instead of the uses of glaze and stain, antique impression is also obtained by highlight (reducing of color) on the base coat or paint coat. This finish is principally similar with the rubbed of finish, but it is done with different way. It is the antique solid color which still shows the grain and pore pattern to produce a lively finishing looked.
Most people choose standard wood finishes for cabinets, furniture, doors, trim and other woodwork around the home.
If you’re working with recycled wood such as barnwood and wood from pallets, the wood is already distressed and so you might consider highlighting the weathered look with a distressed wood finish to save time and effort. There are many types of distressed finishes and so you’ll want to search and read up on the details. To learn more about distressing wood and distressed wood finishes, search these keywords: antique finish, distressed wood, distressed finish, rustic finish, faux antique wood finish, rubbed painted finish, weathered wood finish, whitewash, pickled finish, wood glaze.

Antique solid color would produce furniture with a paint finish, but with the impression that the furniture has been made and used for long time, old, damaged, dirty looked. With a proper highlight techniques then we get an antic performance finishing with more variation. It’s far easier to work with what you have than milling and sanding rough salvaged wood and trying to make it look perfect. Techniques include: highlighting the pores and cracks with colored paste-wood filler or paint, rubbing or sanding through the finish, removing some finish with paint thinner, applying multiple coats of different colors and exposing lower coats, rubbing darker finish into trim or recesses, flyspeck and splattering, chipped off finish, crackle finish, glazing finishes and a whole host of others. Antique white finish may be the most popular finish for this finish, even  though we can make any color by playing with the stain. These standard finishes work quite well, but sometimes it’s fun to explore artistic options to make something out of the ordinary.
I wire wheeled the wood to create an interesting texture, and applied a medium dark wood stain and let it dry. As well as finishing antic transparent, antique solid also use antique effects such as physical distress and the application of stain and glaze to give the antique and damaged impression.

The highlight of the base coat color is of course must be done correctly because it will mainly responsible to the appearance of the finish produced.
This technique will produce a softer looked highlight, but relatively more difficult in application. Highlight in the proper way will be able to produce a natural appearance and attractive finish, but the wrong highlight will produce a strange appearance.
This highlights techniques require to be done more carefully because the finish coat will be more easily drawn, resulted in paint too much erased.
This technique should be done carefully, first is to produce desired effects and also because the use of fire in the finishing process is a dangerous thing.

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