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Low-frequency drive units are always the most interesting because they react most strongly to the parameters of the cabinet.
Last month I looked at the various types of cabinet, and it wouldn’t hurt to have a quick reviewFirstly there is the closed box, sometimes known as the acoustic suspension cabinet.
Since loudspeaker drivers have traditionally been measured in imperial units in the UK, I shall make an equally traditionally English hand gesture to the EU and talk about drive unit size in inches.
If you want to start building your own cabinets, Speakerplans would be a very good place to start.
Having said that, the whole tone of Building Your Own PA Cabinets is that perfection can be boring.

The work and play photos [on the website] are just some of the things I did before Void Acoustics.
Thiele and Small, back in the 1970s, came up with a set of parameters for drive units that could be measured, and from which a method of using those parameters to design cabinets with predictable characteristics could be developed.
Then you could make the cabinet in the knowledge that it would sound as perfect as it possibly could.
A lowish Qts (around 0.4) results in a less strong drive that is suitable for bass reflex cabinets. Transmission line cabinets are of low efficiency and would not be your first choice for PA.

This would not have been the case 20 years ago when a good speaker system would have cost a lot more than it does now. Sourcing from the Far East is the main reason commercial speaker systems are the best value they ever have been.

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