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This is the second wood floor we've installed (1st one was in the dining room), but we had problems with this one that we didn't have with the first.
As usual I started from available material, and in this case I had a short wood board with square section. Because I didn't like the wood colour of the connections, I decided to envelope the dowels in black little hot-shrinking tubes.

I used vinilic glue right for wood, the green type is more fluid, and the red one is more dense.
We were concerned about nails potentially working their way out (even though cut nails rarely do that), so Dan opted to countersink screws and fill with dowel as he did around the hearth. You could also just buy a smooth wood dowel and use it or you can buy metal tubes and use those.

As long as the kettle is on one of the wood stoves, coffee (or tea, loose variety) is available in a matter of minutes.

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