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The Euroheat range of Fabbri wood burning workshop and factory heaters have heat outputs from 29 to 410 kW.
The small footprint, ease of installation and being virtually maintenance free make it the obvious choice for workshops up to around 2500ft?.
Manufactured using the same high quality materials as the larger WT range of heaters means the customer gets exceptional value for money.

The models F28, F55sv and F85sv are available as natural flue draught workshop heaters, while the F55cv, F85cv, F120, F240 and F350 are fitted with flue fans to ensure good chimney operation. Each model is fitted with a large capacity ventilation fan which passes air over the workshop heaters heat exchanger which is specially designed to be as efficient as possible.
An override switch is included so during warmer weather the unit workshop heater can be used as a cooling ventilation system.

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