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Many Sun City West residents become a monitor at the Sun City West woodworking shop, providing up to four hours of service to the club each week.
As with most fully equipped woodworking shops, this shop has lots of lathes, table saws, drill press and specialty equipment specifically for woodworkers. This woodworking club member is compressing several types of wood that will eventually become a Christmas ornament.

The Sun City West woodworking shop is the location one of the most popular hobbies in this Phoenix Arizona golf course community for those 55+. Joining the Sun City West Woodworking Club and providing service to the club and the facility will increase the amount of time you are able to use the woodworking. Rolling terrain, an abundance of mature trees and undulating greens make Arizona Traditions one of Greater Phoenix’s most unique golf courses.

Sun City West recreation dues provide residents with the opportunity to utilize the large woodworking shop to enhance or develop their talents.

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