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CLICK HERE to download the free PDF article and woodworking plan for Keil's Arts and Crafts library table. Further, the drawings, explanations, plans, and details on the drawers are woefully inadequate. RTChoke writes: I built a dining table using similar techniques, on the legs it is easy to get the 4 sides together and to stay together if you put in a few biscuits in the mitered edges.
This classic Arts and Crafts coffee table contains a lot of valuable techniques for those interested in building in the Stickley style.

Thank you FFW for continuing the vision of simple is better in this hectic lifestyle we are stuck in. I just turned 50 last Sunday, and have loved Arts and Crafts in all it's variations throughout my life. Using a coffee table as an example, step-by-step instructions show how to incorporate these elements into tables of almost any size. In fact, many times I've been tempted to ask Taunton to produce a woodworking magazine based strictly on the Arts and Crafts styles such as that which came from Gustav and Leopold Stickley, and well as Greene and Greene. Please continue offering the many ideas and plans, and I will continue as a subscriber to a fine magazine for 10+ years!!!

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