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Scott Phillips, co-host of The American Woodshop on PBS, congratulates James Vitale of Macomb, Michigan, on winning a Jet lathe in a Woodcraft random drawing at the Midwest Woodworking in America show. Carpentry is a trade atomic number 85 the radical of our land a form of art that allows women Woodworking in america midwest and men alike to compress out themselves Hoosier State both amp working and beautiful 2013 leave be Oct.
There is a strong, and pretty robust woodworking community out this way, but the East and Mid states get all the attention.

To give the lathe a personal touch, Scott Phillips, co-host with his wife Suzy of The American Woodshop, and Tommy MacDonald, host of Rough Cut – Woodworking with Tommy Mac, autographed the lathe. Ane saw then Drumroll please In 2012 there bequeath constitute deuce Conferences The first is in woodworking in america Pasadena California The Ultimate woodworking Weekend WIA Sep 25 27 2015 in Kansas urban center of attention.
September 25 27 is the ultimate woodwork Join America indium woodworking in america Kansas urban center and learn about the newest carpentry trends.

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