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David Stark works with wood for a living, designing some of the most incredibly unique home pieces in New York.
While wooden works steal the show, Stark has also filled the store with fun vintage pieces and collected materials from his studio. Designer David Stark's newest pop-up store is part gallery, part studio, filled with his hand crafted wooden treats just in time for Valentine's Day.

After taking stock of his studio surroundings, he decided to use his leftover scraps to create as many pieces as possible that not only celebrated his practice but also the tools and materials he used each day. For the next three weeks, Nina Freudenberger has handed over her posh Nolita shop, Haus Interior to her friend Stark who has packed it to the brim with unique gifts, toys, home accessories, and more, many of which are made from leftover wood from his design studio.
Even fun pieces like telephones and fake foods show Stark’s playful design wit and range.

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