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Eric Boelkens, woodworking instructor at Horner Park, shows off a wood robot made by one of his beginner students. Children and adults alike learn or hone their woodworking skills through programming at Horner Park, one of 15 woodshops managed by the Chicago Park District. Horner Park hosted the September meeting of the Illinois Wood Utilization Team (WUT), which is hammering out details for an urban wood conference to be held in March 2016. Boelkens said he teaches woodworking to children as young as 7 years old as part of the very popular Family Woodshop class.

Participants, including woodworking novices, are taught essential woodworking skills including measuring, designing, cutting and sanding. Members of the Illinois Wood Utilization Team discuss the March 2016 urban wood conference during its September meeting at Horner Park. In many of the classes, participants are making products from urban wood salvaged from trees removed from park district land. Eric Boelkens, woodshop instructor, led WUT members on a meeting-adjourned tour of the Horner Park basement woodshop.

The shop includes standard introductory woodworking equipment: band saw, table saw and jig saw.

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