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With the right plans, materials, and equipment, you can build a Wooden Medicine Cabinet, as shown here.
A few simple pointers will help you achieve better results with your cabinet door projects. As with most woodworking techniques, an ounce of planning is worth at least a pound of workpieces you won’t have to re-make if you do things correctly the first time. Adjust the slot-cutting width, if possible, when building doors with glass or plywood panels. If you are building doors after making the cabinet carcasses, measure the actual carcass openings to verify the final sizes of your door rails and stiles.

Some cope-and-stick bit sets are now made to be adjustable so you can vary the slot width for the door panel opening.
Cutting across the grain of a door panel with a raised-panel bit can produce splintering at the exit corner of the cut. Any deviation in thickness between these parts will produce mismatched joints — especially if you are making your doors with cope-and-stick joinery. Remember that cabinet door stiles extend all the way to the top and bottom of a door, and the rails fit in between the stiles.
If you start your door joinery by coping the ends of the rails prior to making the sticking cuts, both edges of the rails are still flat and square.

So, be sure to plane all of your door stock to thickness at the same time to ensure uniformity (see Photo 1, below). Mark the ends of your door stock in some fashion to account for all of the frame stock you need to make.

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