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October 29, 2015 By: Jen Rabulan-BertramcommentWe’ve been busy getting ready for Halloween over here. October 26, 2015 By: Jen Rabulan-BertramcommentAs we’re in the thick of fall festivities with friends, when the kids aren’t busy chasing each other around outside, we sometimes find them huddled in the corner on their iPads. And as the kids check out, I often nudge my friends and make sure they know all about the awesomeness that is YouTube Kids. I appreciate that my kids can check out Reading Rainbow on YTK at their leisure and learn all about STEM topics such as 3D printing, athletics and tech, and even how astronauts poop in space! Among other highlights for Boo at the Zoo include:  the Jack ‘O Lantern Illumination, music, magic shows, giant pumpkin carvings and much much more! October 5, 2015 By: Jen Rabulan-BertramcommentWhen it comes to outfitting the kids for back to school, we entered a new frontier this year. A few weeks ago, we hit our local Sports Authority to grab some shorts, athletic wear, some new Mets paraphernalia (Yay for clinching the NL East!) and of course, some football gear. I liked how the book asks questions and encourages problem-solving and reinforces healthy reading habits for young and eager readers. This strategy game is ideal for older kids who are able to insert logic and strategy into gameplay.
September 16, 2015 By: Jen Rabulan-Bertram1 CommentIf they’re on the iPad or my phone, at any given moment one of my kids is probably playing a Toca Boca app.
Whether it’s crafting the craziest ‘do in Toca Boca’s Hair Salon or cooking it up in Toca Kitchen, my kids can’t get enough of these great apps—it’s no wonder that they’re the number 1 mobile-first kids’ brand in the App Store.

Originally, the teaching moment for my kid was to show him that life isn’t always fair, and that you have to deal with the consequences.
Don’t forget to check out games and stream the Halloween-themed episodes free on pbskids.org and the PBS KIDS Video App. For almost all of our younger kids, the first app or site they head to, without fail, is YouTube.
For kids in that younger age bracket, you can’t go wrong with the content that’s curated and offered on YouTube Kids.
It’s the classic books, though, that bring back the best memories, and ones that I’m thrilled to share with my kids via YouTube Kids. Not-so-spooky, the Boo at the Zoo is a fun family affair, where there is something for everyone.
Throughout the zoo, there are treats for the kids and a fun costume parade. The Alice Farley Dance Company will lead the way again, decked out as snakes, bats, butterflies, and more. Hosted by our friends at Kidz Vuz and Sony Pictures, we enjoyed breakfast in an event space overlooking the Congo Gorilla Forest. In the new animated film, several notable names get in on the monster fun: Adam Sandler once again voices the lovable Dracula, Andy Samberg voices Jonathan, Selena Gomez lends her voice for Mavis, Kevin James is Frankenstein, Steve Buscemi voices Wayne and David Spade is Griffin. Not only was it Biggie’s first year in public school (hello, regular clothes), but we also had 2 kids to buy new clothes for this year! I followed J as he made some important gear decisions and picked out some cool new duds for school.

That’s what I love about Sports Authority, though: you can find a great deal for everyone in the family. These interactive books come in a variety of themes and are ideal for early and beginner readers.
I like that this game makes kids think, but isn’t an intensive game where kids may lose interest. Despite the ads, YTK is a no-brainer for us, especially when it comes to educational content.
And for those who prefer an aquatic take on the holiday, the New York Aquarium’s Ascarium is back this year. I personally grabbed a few new Mets shirts that were on clearance and a new hat for the Littles.
The bug carousel is one of my kids’  absolute favorite things at the zoo; the boys love being in their costumes and showing off and just riding around and around as many times as we can.

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