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There is a slight shake as it shoots, but none of the tooth rattling kick of my heavy crossbow with a steel prod.
It looks like a couple of you guys have made your own midieval-style crossbows (Wyvern and Arthur P.). A non laminated wood prod would eventualy take a set, so prolonged cocking would not be advised. I do take some ribbing from the guys at the club but, all in all, they think my old timey crossbows are pretty cool. I have not chrono'd my crossbows, butthe125 lb steel prodseems to zip these cedars downrange pretty quick while the wooden one was noticeably more sluggish.
I'd like to make another crossbow this spring, with a stouter prod and using bow irons instead of bindings.
I saw a cross bow made entirely of wood with a very interesting release mechanism years ago. When you pressed up on the wooden lever the dowels were pulled down releasing the string and firing the arrow.
Incorporating a repeater-type top lever actions, winding actions, and with even more modern designs making use of some electro-mechanical reloading and drawing feature, there are some very interesting options to consider for the home crossbow builder.Building your own crossbow is definitely a very rewarding hobby.

The trigger itself is a lath of wood which is part of the stock itself and just flexes enough to do the job. This is really a learning experience so that if I do it again it will be better, this is the first crossbow I've made for about 25 years! Your milage may vary, but with a 454gr wooden bolt with a 105lb prod I clocked 164fps and my 185lb job hits about 200fps. They have to be too long to work well on a medieval crossbow and in period they would either have been so heavy as to be impractical today, or laminated to last if they were not steel.
It is a sort of flesh colored tube that is extremely elastic and when many are combined proved extremely powerful.Of course, no elasticated string will match a wooden, or glass bow, and with this also, I have experimented comprehensively.
If my memory works well, both the Ruger and ahh, Woodsman target pistol's trigger was copied from swiss museum crossbows. The clip was rather admired by my Daughter who said it looked as though it should be metal yet it's wood, she enjoyed the slight incongruity. My hunting bolts use 3 fletches (like a 4 fletched arrow with one missing) also very period on later model hunting crossbows. Use google images for trigger mechanisms, it's what I did a couple of days ago to look at safety catches for crossbows. You can't keep a wooden prod crossbow bent, or even strung, for hours at a time or it will take a set and performance will go straight in the dumper.

Sir Ralph Payne-Gallwey's book on the crossbows has extensive drawings of rigger mechanisms. The bolts tipped with blunts do a number on small game, but I'd want to use a heavier wood, like hickory, maple or ash, for hunting larger stuff like deer and elk.
Obviously the lighter the projectile the faster the speed upto a point where it tops out due to limb mass (this is the only really important part of the crossbow weight). I saw a crossbow recovered from a wreck of a Spanish galleon off the coast of Corpus Christi that I'd like to replicate. If you assume the bow or crossbow is firmly clamped, an amount of energy is stored at full draw. Because the crossbow prod has heavy steel limbs it is slightly slower and shooting a lighter bolt doesn't increase the speed much. The trigger mechanism was a piece of wood on a pivot pin on the bottom of the bow with two dowels fitted to the forward end that fit into two holes the went all the way through the bow and extended through the other side.
My father, a builder, always had odd pieces of wood laying around from which I could craft various designs from.

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