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The Fall Quarterly features the fabulous faces (and tools) of 26 talented locals, two dashing dogs, and many many aprons. Built for abuse, our Shop Apron is made with a blend of 65 - 35 polyester and cotton and is designed to be durable as well as comfortable and attractive.
Spencer Staley was born in French Lick, Indiana (home of Larry Bird), where he taught himself to make skateboards in high school shop class.

Find leather aprons for your gardening or woodworking made from top grain vaquetta cowhides. Dan Nickel has a wood shop in SE Portland that he shares with three other talented cabinet makers and furniture builders. Results 1 30 of 258 Woodturning Equipment and Supplies sold at highland receive whole your woodturning tools woodturning lathes woodturning kits and forest turning tools at Woodcraft the leading provider.

Since leaving the sandy shores of San Diego and the predictably white office of the architecture firm, John has been busying himself in a wood shop, wearing ear plugs and getting dirty.

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