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Ending one chapter of a shooting that jolted the Seattle Police Department, the city has agreed to pay $1.5 million to settle claims brought by the family of John T.
The agreement, announced Friday by the City Attorney's Office, followed a confidential mediation in which the city considered claims raised by Williams' mother and representatives of his estate.
Satterberg said state law prohibited him from filing charges because Birk believed Williams, who was carrying a knife, posed a threat. Williams' family has asked the King County Superior Court judges to convene a citizen grand jury to consider whether Birk should be criminally charged. Federal prosecutors are conducting a criminal review of the shooting to determine whether Birk should be charged with violating Williams' civil rights.

Under the agreement with Williams' family, the city will pay $1.25 million to his estate, where it will be held in escrow until issues involving the distribution of funds are resolved. If no heir is found other than Edward, the remainder of the settlement funds will go to her and not to Rick Williams or other siblings, said Connie Sue Manos Martin, an attorney for the family and the estate.
The shooting occurred after Birk, while driving his patrol car, saw Williams cross the street holding a piece of wood and the knife, which had a 3-inch blade. At a court inquest into the shooting in January, Birk testified he was initially concerned because Williams showed signs of impairment while carrying a knife. 30 shooting of Williams, a chronic street inebriate, was found to be unjustified by the Seattle Police Department's Firearms Review Board and led to the resignation of the officer, Ian Birk, earlier this year.

He shouted at Williams to get his attention and ordered him three times to put down the knife. Four of eight jurors found that Birk wasn't facing an imminent threat when he fatally shot Williams, and that he didn't give Williams sufficient time to put down the knife.

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