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Full size plans to make toys including trucks, cars, trains and planes.These plans are full size with instructional text to guide you along. Toys and Joys is a plan, and pattern company that provides full size drawings (18" x 24") for making detailed wood models and toys.
Gary works in electronics and started in woodworking a few years back making small wood gift boxes.
I used to use a shop to buy child safe oil to finish the toys but now I make by own finishing paste wax.

If you are not comfortable with a process, don't do it.Full size project plans guide you to build these projects.
The Zoo animals are cute and fun, playful designs.Mommy's Kitties Scroll Saw Plan SetMommy's Kitty's makes a charming display for mom on her mantel, bookcase or desk.
His family loved the pull-along toys so much that he decided to search for new toy plans to build from. Or build just the Kittys, ball and heart and give as a gift or toy to your favorite cat loverScroll Saw Magic Roaring TwentiesPlan set includes all four cars shown.

Build easily with just a scroll saw and hand drill.Carpet Buddies Pattern Set8 Complete Full-Size Plans.

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