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Special care must be taken by any hardwood floor installer when sanding, finishing, or refinishing your wood floors.
ArtelCraft has put together this brief guide on finishes to help you when choosing your floors.
Pre-finished hardwood floors receive multiple layers of finish at the factory and are delivered to your site ready to install. The most important factors in the life of your hardwood floor finishes are the amount of foot traffic and the frequency of maintenance.
ArtelCraft can help you select a hardwood floor finish that perfectly complements your interior. There is a slight difference in color and sheen between water-based and oil-based finishes and there are a variety of oil-based stains which can further change the appearance of your hardwood floors. How to build a gun rack for a wall, woodworking projects for babies,custom wood signs maine.
If you have any questions about hardwood floor finishes or refinishing techniques, give us a call or drop us an email.
There are some advantages to pre-finished floors including quicker installation, no sanding and no smell from home-site finishing.

Please be sure your hardwood floor installer knows the proper method for your project, otherwise you may end up paying more later to have a real pro fix it. Oil-based products are absorbed into the fibers of your wood floors and accentuate figuring and wood grain. At the very least, always check to make sure your hardwood contractor is a member of the National Wood Flooring Association. Some homeowners prefer this effect while others appreciate the options water-based finishes and oil-based stains offer for customizing hardwood floors.
Extreme Custom floors defy words like “Collection”, “Stock”, “Contemporary” or “traditional. Just one of the exotic woods we’ve used upon request, Ofram is a sustainable African hardwood that has a fairly straight grain pattern and features natural worm holes and other small character marks.
A unique White Oak floor that was a mix of Plain Sawn and Rift & QuarterSawn lumber and was milled in 12” to 15” widths to showcase the client’s enormous great room. Our gorgeous wide plank unsteamed Walnut flooring is shown here in random widths that are accented by using a 1” Hard Maple Feature Strip for contrast. Reclaimed (Antique) Wide Plank Heart Pine flooring featuring a custom dark stain that highlights the natural grain of this sought after wood by using customized sanding techniques and finished with Tung Oil.

Random-width Ash floor with a "French Country" finish that resembles a gently worn painted floor.
Light mopping is all that’s required to maintain the warmth and shine of Swedish finished hardwood floors unlike wax and polyurethane finishes which require regular cleaning, waxing and buffing. Home-site finished floors are also easier to refinish and repair is often simpler than with pre-finished floors. This unique process not only adds beauty to the wood, but also significantly inhibits insect damage and rotting. There is no set amount of time each finish will last, but ArtelCraft installers can help you understand your floors’ specific maintenance requirements to maintain their natural beauty for decades. Most hardwood floor installers and industry experts feel that Swedish finish is the most durable and long-lasting option for finishing hardwood floors.

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