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The S9 is a new contemporary EPA approved wood burning stove complete with a modern cast iron door and pedestal base in a metallic charcoal finish. Browse our large variety of traditional and modern wood burning stoves with clean fresh designs to suit all tastes. The Hearthstone Montgomery 8410 is a zero clearance wood fireplace that is an efficient and stylish alternative to installing a masonry fireplace. According to one estate agent, yes, a wood-burning stove might be the way to get your property sold.

Estate agent Tom Deville, of Savills, believes that the addition of a wood-burning stove can help to sway potential buyers towards making an offer for a property.
But if you are looking for a new tactic to find a buyer for your home, a stove could be a shrewd investment. Light your wood-burning stove before viewings to create a cosy atmosphere and warmth in the home.
If you’re thinking of installing a wood-burning stove at your property, check out Gr8Fires.

Although there is the risk that you might struggle to part with one of our stoves once it’s installed! After all, the cost of buying and installing a stove would be dwarfed by the amount you’d pocket if it does help you to entice interest in your home.

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