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How to cut large letters with a jigsaw Aug 19th, 201330 Comments A few years ago I was on Good Things Utah {a local lifestyle TV morning show here in Utah} sharing a project that Dan had cut out for me with a jigsaw.
After I traced the letters, I set up the MDF on sawhorses and clamped them on with wood clamps.  Next I got my corded jigsaw and started cutting the letters out carefully.
After the cutting was complete, I used my trusty spray painting skills and painted those bad boys. I love that you remind us that we CAN do things that seem not “do-able” with just a little forethought! Personally, I prefer using the band saw for smaller projects and cutting plexiglass, thin metal, or intricate shapes. Before making any cut using a band saw, you need to make sure that your guide is set for the proper depth. The viewer assumes all responsibility and liability associated with the hazards of woodworking.

It seems like that this information is very helpful for people searching for bandsaw blades. It makes it easier for me to do it this way because I know that it will fit into the space perfectly. I love this post because I’ve been waiting on my husband to make and cut out some large letters for a project.
I was just asking a handy man friend of mine about what types of tools to get to do some small wood projects and jigsaw is on the list! Pretty Handy Girl is not responsible for any errors or omissions that may be present in this tutorial. There is wide range of Bandsaw blades available from various companies and I hope you guys also sharing some more information in future too. But, if you do need to buy it, just make sure to have the guys cut it for you so that you can fit it into your car!

On the inside of the letters I drilled holes with a large drill bit to give me access to the inside.  I used a corded jigsaw because our cordless jigsaw just didn’t have enough consistent power to make the cuts smooth. Today I want to share with you a power tool that can cut long straight lines and it can cut curved lines with ease. So, cutting with this power saw really gives you a lot of control and can help eliminate the intimidation factor. In other words, you can’t put your wood in and cut around like you would scissors in a piece of paper.
I would definitely recommend buying a band saw used unless you are running a business that puts out tons of wood projects.

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