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Wood engraving is one of the most popular applications for the laser because it can encompass so many different products. Our machinery works extremely well with all types of woods, from maple to exotic hardwoods. Our proprietary stock program is the third distinctive part of the Jarrett Difference in our custom rifles.
Where and how you hunt are personal variables that will influence your choice of metal and stock finishes for your custom Jarrett rifle.

We have always offered superior Crown AAA wood options, and now those options are expanding.
Note: Our stock colors, metal finishes and custom treatments are also available for the Specialty Rifles we construct for your specific hunting, competition, and target needs. Jarrett Rifles is proud to offer an extensive range of handsome metal colors in addition to those shown. By making our own stocks, we control stock strength, weight and design to support superlative shooting through improved balance, smooth handling, and ability to withstand the elements.

Each of our fiberglass and ADL stock designs has special characteristics that are useful on particular Jarrett rifle models; if weight is your primary concern, our carbon fiber stock is the answer!

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