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If you have the chance to travel to Europe, visiting museums is a pretty traditional thing to do. In and near the town of Brienz, you’ll find both the Swiss Woodcarving Museum and the Ballenberg Swiss Open-Air Museum. On display this summer was an exhibit showcasing the work of members of the Swiss and local woodcarving associations, which merged last year.
Although Flavius himself is trained not in woodcarving but in cabinetmaking, and his own work focuses more on the music box side of things, he is familiar with the carving processes.  “The cows that you see in the [gift] shop were done by my father-in-law, age 90,” he said, while the guy who cut out rough shapes with band saws “he’s 92. The carving business involves preparing a model, preparing wood, carving, and shaping, often using plasticine for the models, Flavius said.
Much of the business today involves carving models that people use to pitch product ideas, or items that will be filmed for digital media. The cabinet at the museum includes a dragon and a phoenix among its decorative carvings, “most likely telling clients ‘we could do designs in your furniture,’” Flavius said. Also found in the museum is a music box that used to provide entertainment for those waiting at a railway station near the turn of the twentieth century.
Today, visitors to the museum – with advance notice, of at least five days, in groups of 10 or more – can actively participate in the Brienz region tradition of woodcarving.

The group I was touring with, consisting of media representatives from Germany, China, Poland, Ukraine, Indonesia and the Czech Republic, did participate in the cow carving. The  other museum on our tour, the Ballenberg Swiss Open-Air Museum, highlights actual architectural examples of historic dwellings from all regions of Switzerland.The wooden houses showcase various styles of Swiss architecture, as well as wooden furniture and artifacts.
As intangible heritage, the Brienz woodcarving has been added to the list of the living traditions of Switzerland. With the ratification of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage in October 2008, Switzerland has undertaken to take an inventory of the intangible cultural heritage in Switzerland, to lead and to update periodically.
The exhibitions are devoted to different priorities from different eras and give visitors a glimpse into Swiss culture, a farming and tourism history. The Swiss Woodcarving Museum in Brienz is the first museum in Switzerland dedicated solely to the art of woodcarving. This summer, I had the chance to travel to Switzerland – and to visit a couple of museums with close ties to woodworking. It was created by a woodcarver who was living in Brienz and teaching at the local woodcarving school at the time.
The Brienz master turner Christian Fischer then began to provide wooden objects with ornaments.

In that era, the Swiss government was sending woodcarvers from the Brienz region to shows elsewhere in Europe and Switzerland, at the time a low-cost country, “profited tremendously,” Flavius said.
And someday, I will have to make it back there to get to the parts of the museum with the cheese and chocolate making demonstrations.
This he then sold to tourists who stayed in the region and then gladly took with souvenirs from Switzerland. Jobin is home to a permanent exhibition featuring a wide variety of traditional and artistically significant woodcarvings from the region. The business soon began to flourish, so that Christian Fischer ausbildetet other people in the art of woodturning.

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