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Because of its function and positioning a hifi rack does catch some attention in a home environment. Take the Finite Elemente Spider I've already reviewed is an example of a radically different philosophy: packaging is kept to a minimum (and fully recyclable from the manufacturer), the rack requires some work to be put together but transport and storage are easy and inexpensive.
Choose from a fantastic range of German made Hi-Fi and Audio Visual racks designed with your home in mind. I also have a stacking unit which allows you to add to you're rack without the need to buy a whole new unit. Your designs look superb and are very keenly priced, considering that they are all made from SOLID oak! Always happy for potential customers to pop over, view the racks and listen to some music, more than welcome.

The Pillar rack above with the 4 Hush Isolation Platforms was made 5cm wider, as an example. The Guizu is wisely made of reinforced wood: no vibration or resonance and a warm modern look.
This bold solution has the obvious advantage that no time is wasted for installing the rack. Shelves available in Oak, and American Black Walnut real wood veneer and finished with solid Oak American Black Walnut surrounds. These stacking units can be added to to accommodate you're growing system,this rack is a half-sized model howver full sized and custom sized models are available.
Its flexibility allows you to build the rack to your own specification to fit any number of components.

No radical solutions here but simple and elegant wooden work to hold a lot of gear, as low as possible.
The radical solution of the Finite Elemente Spider solves the problem by avoiding shelves altogether. The Q4EVO is the same as the original Q4 rack except for some intricate machining on the underside of the shelf which will give improved performance.

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