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Inspired by Restoration Hardware's Sawhorse Trestle Desk, this easy to build version is doable by most any DIYer! This was one of my favorite little plans, but I felt like it got a little lost in the plan catalog, especially since we had not put the plans with a finished photo. So when my friend Whitney from Shanty2Chic wrote me about building a Sawhorse Style Desk for her son's room, I had just the plan for her!

In this plan, I just use a standard 24" x 48" project panel available at most hardware stores.
I may put a third one in the middle as I'm going to replacing an old (1962 kitchen table) that holds my plants during summer, on the porch. If anyone is interested I was looking through the latest FLOR Catalog (floor coverings) and on page 41 is the sawhorse desk.

Just follow along with the plan, read through very carefully and make sure you understand each step before getting your saw out.

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